Bigfork School

Bigfork School Mission

We, the staff of Bigfork School, in dedicated partnership with parents, volunteers and community leaders, maintain our mission to prepare all students for success beyond high school. Through effective instruction, rigorous coursework and authentic assessment, students will receive challenging, college-preparatory curriculum.
Our progress in this ongoing mission will be noted only when every student is performing at or above grade level in all disciplines and only when every student meets or exceeds expectations on all state assessments.
Bigfork School: Preparing our future, now!
Welcome to the Bigfork School, located in beautiful northern Minnesota and the Edge of the Wilderness communities. The town of Bigfork derives its name due to the fork created by the Rice River and Bigfork River joining together.

We are located 40 miles north of Grand Rapids and are a part of Independent School District #318. Our school was established in 1925. In 1993, the old school building was demolished and a new addition of our high school was completed for the 1998-99 school year. This addition compliments our elementary school built in 1988.

We have a student population of approximately 270, taking in a radius of 40 square miles for student enrollment. Early Childhood Family Education and Kindergarten through 12th grade are housed under one roof. We are the home of the "Huskies" wearing royal blue and gold as our school colors.

You are always welcome to visit our school.